How do I connect my zapier account?

Step 1: Activating Your Cartfuel Zapier Integration

Note: We are still working on our zapier connection. The steps below may change.
Before you can start using the Cartfuel Zapier connection you will need to be invited. Please click this link to be invited:

1. Once you are invited log into your Cartfuel account and go to account settings.

2. From there click the API tab on the left hand side.

3. Create an API token by giving your token a name.

4. Click create.

Step 2: Add Your Trigger

Note: Please be sure that you copy and safely store your new created API key.

1. Once you have your API key copied, head over to

2. Create a new Zap.

3. Search for Cartfuel as the trigger.

Step 3: Connect Your Cartfuel Account

Note: We are actively changing what triggers can be accessed. Since we are still in beta please be sure to check your Zapier connection frequently.

Once you have the Cartfuel trigger, you will want to connect your Cartfuel account.

You do this by adding your API token that you created previously.

Once you connect your Cartfuel account to Zapier you will be able to use the triggers to connect third-party apps to Cartfuel.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team by clicking the support icon in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.
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