How Businesses Use Cartfuel With HubSpot

Online businesses are using Cartfuel with HubSpot to sell one-time and recurring products on their landing pages and websites using Stripe or Paypal.

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Connect Cartfuel To HubSpot

When you sign up for a Cartfuel account you will connect your HubSpot account.

Connect Stripe or Paypal

Then once you have connected your HubSpot account you will connect your Stripe or PayPal account.

You can accept one-time and subscription payments.

Create Your Payment Form

After you connect the accounts you will then create a payment form.

You can modify the form to your liking, including changing the styling, colors, and adding conversion focus widgets like order bumps. countdown timers, and more.

Embed Onto HubSpot

Once you have created your payment form you'll be able to embed the form onto your HubSpot landing pages using a copy and paste script/code.

When you make sales with your payment form, the sales data will show up in your HubSpot account.

Gain Customer Insights To Increase Order Value

See your customer's purchase journey so you can get more detailed insights right inside your HubSpot account.

As soon as your customers make a successful purchase on the Cartfuel payment form, the contact record is updated with the product they purchased.

This means you can empower your sales team to sell more products and services. Gone are the days where inaccurate contact purchase data plagues you.

Embed The Cartfuel Payment Form On Your HubSpot Landing Pages Or Website
See Your Customers Purchase Journey
Add Customers To Deals
Track Data Within HubSpot
Add Cartfuel To HubSpot

Boost Customer Retention And Decrease Refunds

The money is in the follow up. With Cartfuel you can set up triggers to set post-purchase workflows.

Meaning you can create different automations to continue to build the customer rapport, sell further products and reduce refund rates.

Accept One-Time Or Recurring E-Commerce Payments With Stripe Or Paypal
View All Customer Purchase Data In The Timeline Without Complex Code Or Tech
Trigger Post-Payment Workflows To Follow Up With Your Customers
Increase Your Average Order Value By Upselling, Cross-Selling And Down-Selling
Add Cartfuel To HubSpot

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Hear from our customers

Renee McAdam
Project Manager

"We wanted an easy to way to accept payments for one of our digital products and have the payment details go into HubSpot. Cartfuel was easy to setup and did exactly what we needed."

Chris Donnelly
Course Creator

"I’ve been searching for a cart that delivered upsells and OTO capabilities and Cartfuel hits the spot! Setup was simple."

Mike Sallese

"Cartfuel has saved me so much time and hassle with getting stripe setup. The embed in my website works perfectly for accepting payments."

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