Cartfuel - Company Update, January 2021

Jelani Abdus-Salaam
August 17, 2021
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How To Survive A Dumpster Fire Year

When the world looks back on 2020, most people will reflect on how we managed to (mostly) survive a dumpster fire of a year, but for me, 2020 represents the birth of Cartfuel.

With its inception in July, it first saw the world in beta-test version in August, and we were able to launch Cartfuel soon after on Appsumo Marketplace.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that there were no bumps in the road, but the Appsumo marketplace launch allowed us to get extremely valuable feedback from our Founders Plan members, and kickstart our momentum post-beta testing.

The #1 question that is on our mind, and that of our Founders Plan members is...

What's Next?

With the end of the Appsumo Marketplace offer what can our Founders Plan members expect from us?

If I'm being blunt, everyone is waiting to see if we make it past the 1 year 'death spiral' point that many software companies succumb to after they launch.

So first, I'd like to say to our Founders Plan members that although we have ended access to purchasing the plan via Appsumo, what you've purchased is a lifetime access to Cartfuel at the Founders Plan level.

Nothing will change for you.  Your access will continue, and no changes or limitations will be made to your plan (unless we make it better somehow).

Where Is Cartfuel Going?

Our goal is simple; we want business owners and entrepreneurs to be able to sell their products or services, no matter what platform their website is on.

And we want to help make it easy to do incredible things with Upsells.

Incredible things like increasing the Average Order Value of each transaction; increasing the Immediate Customer Value of your first-time buyers; and provide business owners with more profit per transaction.

With technology getting more and more complicated...

With another 'must have' software or technology being touted as the next big thing...

With businesses needing to stretch their hard earned dollars further and further...

Is it really too much to ask to be able to sell your products and services in a way that makes you real profit without having to relearn an entirely new web platform?

We don't think so.

How Are We Doing?

That's the big question on everyone's mind, and frankly the question that best helps us understand how we're faring against that 1 year death spiral ...

We had 3 major goals in 2020...

1.  Launch of Alpha/Beta of Cartfuel and test to see if it's viable.

2.  Have Cartfuel Featured on an industry related platform.

3.  Make enough initial capital that the company could pay for itself while we expanded.

I'd love to say that we were able smash each of these goals out of the park, but that's simply not true.

While our Alpha and Beta went great, and we were able to get on an industry related platform, we were far from 'featured.'  Even though this was disappointing, the main reason we wanted to be featured was to acquire enough capital to have the company sustain itself while we grow.

I'm happy to say that we've achieved our initial desired investment through our Founders Plan members!

This has been an incredible achievement, and we're so grateful for everyone who put their faith in us.

Some amazing but unexpected things happened too, thanks to the feedback of our members...

First, we developed a few key features for our international market, such as being able to update the text in our order forms to allow any language your keyboard can type, and our internationally compatible tax fields which can be set up by percent.

And of course, we've released other great features like Order Bumps, which help increase the value of each customer order on average, and our analytics package so you can track who's buying what!

While we've got other things in the pipeline, we already know that Cartfuel is an incredible software for our members.

You can see the full list of new features released here.

What We're Working On

Our next phase of Cartfuel will involve transitioning to a monthly recurring payment model, but we've got a surprise for everyone!

Our Founders Plan members have the best individual plan money can buy, without limitations on the plan, but we recognize that there is work to be done for other types of business owners.

When it comes to something as important as your business we'd rather show you that Cartfuel is the best application online to help you get paid, and have you "Wow!" over it... rather than simply tell you why it's so amazing.

Our first stop is to create a plan accessible for every business!

We want to help small business owners get their start, so we're launching a FREE Forever plan.  Yes, there will be limitations on the plan, but the features will easily be enough to help these business owners make more profit on each cart they process.

Also in the distance will be our transition to a version of Cartfuel where you can unlock features on a monthly recurring cycle.  Different plans will be unlocked at different billing cycles, so you can pick the plan that matches where your business is at when you need it.

Just starting out?  We'd recommend the Forever Free plan.

Got some legs under your business?  Pick the plan that matches your needs.

Cartfuel is an essential software for anyone selling on the internet, but we recognize that ultimately it's about your business being successful, and that becomes increasingly difficult when you're overpaying for features you need because they're bundled with features you don't.

Upcoming New Features

We are expanding and growing and we believe that it is imperative that you know some of the new things coming soon. Some of those new features include:

1. Email delivery

2. Two step order form

3. Long form order form

4. Custom CSS

We also are working hard to release the ability to add another payment gateway. That is coming soon! We promise.

As always if you have any other questions please reach out to our support via .

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