How A YouTuber With 130,000 Subscribers Scaled His Digital Product Offering

How A YouTuber With 130,000 Subscribers Scaled His Digital Product Offering
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Win The House You Love is a YouTube channel run by Kyle Seagraves. The channel helps viewers understand the process of buying a home. 

The channel has over 130,000 subscribers, with many videos reaching hundreds of thousands of views. 

Kyle thought it would be a good idea to create home-buying calculators that help viewers estimate the costs they would accrue when going through the process. 

But there was one problem. Kyle needed a way to use his website, hosted on Webflow, to sell his digital product. 

The Problem

Kyle is not a technical person. He wanted something simple that could be embedded on his Webflow website allowing him to take payments.

Through searching on YouTube, he found a video showcasing SamCart

So he tried it out. Unfortunately, it wasn't the right fit for Kyle, as he wanted something that didn't require him to use SamCarts page builder. 

He wanted to use his website to reduce the friction of his customers going off his site to make a purchase. 

It was such a big pain point for him that he began searching for another product that could solve the pain point he was experiencing. 

The Solution

Through his searching, he found a video on YouTube showcasing how Cartfuel embeds work seamlessly on Webflow. 

He signed up for a free account and was able to start testing his payment form on Webflow. 

Because Cartfuel uses embeds, Kyles customers no longer had to go off his website to buy his digital product. 

The Results 

When Kyle makes a YouTube video, he posts the link to his website, which has call-to-actions throughout the site

When one of his viewers clicks on the call-to-action button, the page scrolls to the portion of the site with the Cartfuel embed. 

The viewer can buy the calculator on the spot rather than being redirected off Kyle's website. 

By doing this, Kyle made more sales and increased his revenues, allowing him to create more videos and empower more lives.

Watch this video to learn how Kyle used Webflow with Cartfuel to sell his digital products: 


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