How To Add Stripe Recurring Payments In WordPress

Jelani Abdus-Salaam
November 7, 2020

There may come a time when you will need to add recurring payments or subscriptions to your WordPress site.

Whether you are selling a physical product or not, adding recurring products is a great idea.

Why? Because it gives you revenue that you can rely on. You know exactly when your money is going to come to you and you don't have to focus on acquiring new customers as much.

With Stripe, WordPress users can set up a product that is recurring and choose when to process the payment.

It is all handled by Stripe, so you can focus on the more important factors of your business.

In this article we will show you how to set up a Stripe recurring payment and how to add that to your WordPress Site.

What Are Recurring Payments?

Let's start with the basics and define a recurring payment.

A recurring payment is a payment that happens more than once.

So for example most people watch some type of TV, whether that's on Netflix or regular cable...

And each month a charge those companies process a charge.

Every time that charge occurs that is recurring payment.

With Stripe users can set up a recurring payment with ease and add that payment to their wordpress site.

How To Set Up Stripe Recurring Payments in Stripe?

To get started you are going to want to create a Stripe account if you don't have one already.

Go to and enter the appropriate information related to your business.

Once you fill in that information you will then want to connect your bank account. That way you can receive payments as you make sales.

Once you do those steps you will then want to proceed to your products.

You can find this by clicking the 'Products' menu item on the left hand side under 'Connected Accounts'.  

Once you are there you will then want to click the 'Add Product' button at the top upper right hand corner.

Once you click that you will see a screen like this:


You will then want to give your product a name, a description and an image (which is optional).

You can also add some extra information, by clicking the 'Additional options' link. You can add a statement descriptor (what shows up on the credit/debit card) and metadata to your product if you'd like.

We'll skip that part and move onto pricing.

Select a pricing model.

You can choose from Standard Pricing, Package Pricing, Graduated Pricing, or Volume pricing.

For this example we will stick to standard pricing, but, you may want to look into the other models depending on what you are selling.

Next you will want to add the actual price of your product. Let's say our product is $10.

So we'll enter $10 and select USD since we are in the United States. Depending on where you live you will want to change the currency.

Now you will want to select if you want to charge one time or recurring.

Since we are talking about recurring products in Stripe, we will want to select recurring.


Next you will want to select the billing period.

The billing period means how often we should bill this person.

You can select from Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Every 3 months, Every 6 months or custom.

In this example we will select Monthly.

Now click the 'Save product' button in the upper right hand corner.

That's it. Super easy.

But now, how do we charge people our monthly fee?

You can do this with a free tool, Cartfuel.

The Easiest Stripe Recurring Payments Plugin

Cartfuel is a dead simple e-commerce solution that allows you to accept one-time and recurring payments.

The best part is it's simple to use and requires zero coding knowledge.

Once you create a product you'll be able to embed the payment form onto your WordPress site with a few clicks of a button.

Oh, and it's free.

To get started with Cartfuel go to


Sign up for a free account, no credit card required.

Once you sign up you will then want to connect your Stripe account to Cartfuel.

You can follow the onboarding, or view the help documentation here:

Once you have your Stripe account connected, you will then want to create a product sequence.

A product sequence is how you are able to create the payment form and start accepting payments on your WordPress site.

Once you click on add new product sequence, you will see 4 steps.

Step 1 - Product Attributes
Step 2 - Customize
Step 3  - Page After Purchase
Step 4 - Email After Purchase

In Step 1 you will want to add your product name, select the currency and price.

As you can see here, as we update  the information our payment form gets updated in the preview window.


Now it's time to select our recurring product.

Under 'Billing Frequency' select the 'Recurring' button.

You will now see two dropdown boxes. In the first dropdown box you will want to select the recurring product name you created in Stripe.

In the second dropdown select the pricing interval that you created as well in Stripe.

Once you select the pricing you will see the payment form preview update.

You can also add extra features to your Payment form like when the subscription should expire, add on additional fees, charge taxes, add shipping fields, add coupon, add order bump or a countdown timer.

Once you are done click the 'Next Step' button to proceed to step 2.

In Step 2 you can customize the form to your liking, but changing the colors, fonts and text.

After that you can then add the URL you want your customers to go to after they buy.

At this step you can also add one-click upsells but we will skip that for now.

If you're interested you can view the full video tutorial here:

Once you finish, click the 'Save' button.

You will see a pop-up box that looks like this:


Don't worry about the code you see there.

You need to click on the first code snippet and copy it.

Stripe Recurring Payments WordPress Plugin

Now that you created your first product sequence in Cartfuel it is now time to embed your product sequence onto your WordPress site.

Log into your WordPress site and then go to the page where you want to accept recurring payments.

This can be a standalone page or a blog page.

Once you are there click on the edit page. Depending on your theme, you will have the ability to add embed codes/elements.

You will want to add an embed (sometimes called HTML) element to the page.

Now you will want to go back to Cartfuel and copy the first code snippet. Then paste the code in the embed box in WordPress.

Then go back to Cartfuel and select the second code snippet.

Then go back to your WordPress site and then paste the second line of code.

Then hit save on the WordPress page/site.

Click on preview to see your new page with a payment form that your customers can buy from.

This is the easiest way to start accepting Stripe recurring payments in WordPress.

You can view the full tutorial below:

Stripe Recurring Payments In WordPress Recap

Recurring or subscription payments are payments that happen more than once. With Stripe you are able to create these recurring payments. Cartfuel is an embeddable payment solution that works with Stripe. You can add the recurring products from Stripe into Cartfuel. Then add the Cartfuel embed to your WordPress site to start accepting recurring payments.

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