How To Choose A PPC Management Company

Jelani Abdus-Salaam
November 19, 2021

Every person in the marketing field has a different opinion on which company is best, and that’s because marketing companies are just like any other industry: there’s no such thing as one “best” when it comes to anything. What you’re looking for is an agency who can meet your needs and work with you closely through every step of the process so they know what you want before asking for their recommendations.

A PPC management company is a company that manages online advertising campaigns for businesses. They are responsible for optimizing the business’s website to increase its organic traffic and conversions. A good way to choose a PPC agency is by looking at their portfolio of past work, which can be found on LinkedIn or Google search.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising has been more popular in recent years, and for good reason. It’s a fantastic digital marketing tool for improving brand awareness, attracting more visitors, increasing leads, and increasing the likelihood of generating sales. However, since each click costs money, you should work with a PPC management business that understands how to do everything correctly; your chosen agency should be able to optimize your ad campaigns in every manner imaginable to help you obtain the highest return on investment (ROI).

Which PPC agency should you go with out of all the options? Your decision may be the difference between a successful ad campaign with a high return on investment and a disastrous failure. As a result, you should take your time to make the best decision possible. We’ll look at a quick DIY vs. professional PPC comparison, as well as some recommendations to assist you choose the best PPC management business.

PPC Management: Do-It-Yourself vs. Professional

Many of us feel that if we gather the necessary knowledge, we can finish jobs without paying specialists and save money. Take a step back before starting a PPC campaign and ask yourself: Is this a project I can manage from beginning to end? There are various disadvantages to DIY PPC management that may stymie your attempts to get your company back on track. Here are two examples.

  • There are a lot of things to learn about running a PPC campaign, so doing it yourself may take a long time. You’ll need to know how to set things up, and unlike standard banner advertisements and classified ads, it requires ongoing maintenance. Keyword binds are always changing, and certain keywords might go from high-ranking to outdated in a matter of days. Even if you do everything correctly, you may end up overlooking other aspects of your organization.
  • Pay per click advertising is coupled with a large amount of data, which may be time consuming to filter through. The keyword list might be over 400 words long, with various attributes for each term. Conversions per click, searches per day, and competitive bids are examples of properties. Other factors to examine are “buying terms” in advertisements, such as “buy one get one free,” “limited time offer,” and so on. To filter through all of this data, you’ll need a lot of knowledge, and you may not be able to do it properly.

When you engage someone to handle your pay per click campaigns, you have access to a highly experienced workforce that lives and breathes PPC. They know how to build up a successful campaign and tweak it as needed. You won’t have to worry about improving the procedure, which might cause you to overlook other aspects of your company. The management will take care of everything related to your advertising, including tracking their performance and making required adjustments.

Hiring a good management firm reduces trial and error since these firms’ professionals are continually on the lookout for market developments and can adjust your marketing strategy to fit these changes.

How to Pick a PPC Management Firm

1. Make a list of your objectives.

Identifying your goals and objectives is the first and most crucial step in finding an agency to handle your PPC campaign. What do you want PPC advertising to do for you? “I want to acquire clicks to boost traffic to my site and promote sales,” for example, is a broad objective. If done correctly, the campaign will result in those sales. Make your objectives as explicit as possible. If you produce 500 sales in a month, for example, your aim may be to reach 700 in a certain amount of time. Another example of a goal is to increase your lead generation by 20%.

When it comes to choosing a PPC provider, why is goal setting so important? It assists you in finding an agency that can help you achieve your goals. Because you’ll be discussing your objectives up front, your agency will be able to assess if they have the resources to meet them. The objectives may also act as a road map for your selected organization, directing them in the right direction and keeping them on track.

2. Make a list of possible PPC firms.

Following the identification of your major goals, the following stage is to compile a list of PPC agencies to compare. There are hundreds of pay per click management firms to choose from; to make your job simpler, you may narrow your search to the top-ranked companies in your region. You may also ask your friends and professional colleagues for referrals. Even if the agency comes highly recommended, examine if it is a good fit for your requirements. Do your own investigation since what works for one individual may not work for another. Databases like Google Certified Partners are also great locations to start your search.

Now that you have a list, you may compare them and pick the one that best meets your needs.

3. Keep an eye out for experience and expertise.

When did the organization start providing PPC management services? A company that has been in business for a long time is likely to be competent and professional. You may be wondering why experience is so important right now. For the years they’ve been in service, they’ve worked on a variety of marketing projects and earned valuable experience. An skilled PPC professional can examine an ad, determine what’s wrong with it, and then optimize it to provide the greatest results.

Aside from experience, it’s also important to look at a company’s competence. Keyword selection is one of many factors that go into effective pay per click advertising. Your agency should be able to choose the appropriate keywords to help internet consumers locate your landing page. Negative keywords should also be understood by them so that your ad does not display for irrelevant searches. To get the desired outcomes, it is necessary to have knowledge of these and other topics.

Whether you want to discover if an agency is really qualified, ask for samples of past projects they’ve worked on. If the majority of the projects they’ve worked on have been successful, the agency might be a good fit for you. But be wary if they can’t show you evidence of previous accomplishment.

4. Investigate the Business’s Reputation

The agency’s reputation will help you decide whether or not you can trust them with your money. Conduct an internet search using the agency’s name to see whether it is reliable. Read internet reviews to find out what others have to say about them. If the majority of the evaluations are favorable, the agency is likely to have a solid reputation, and you may proceed to deal with them. However, if the majority of the reviews are unfavorable, that’s a warning sign. While not all evaluations will be good, a higher proportion of negative reviews and complaints indicates that the firm cannot be trusted to provide the expected result. Don’t take a chance.

5. Do they have a certification?

Another thing you can do if you’re investing your hard-earned money and want the best is to see whether the firm is Google Adwords accredited. Your preferred organization may exude confidence, implying that they are capable of doing the task correctly; but, having the Google Adwords certification is a bonus. Because professionals must take advertising examinations and answer hundreds of questions, certifications demonstrate attention to PPC marketing. The procedure also comes at a substantial financial expense. Despite the fact that credentials do not guarantee competency, they are a show of professionalism.

6. Transparency is necessary.

Your chosen firm should always be truthful with you. Honesty fosters trust and positive relationships. By organizing a consultation and inquiring about their ability to execute your PPC job, you can determine whether a firm is trustworthy. It’s a red sign if they claim unreasonably good outcomes in a short period of time. It’s best to continue with care. However, if an agency is open and honest with you throughout the process, it demonstrates that everything they’re doing is ethical. You’ll be more prepared if you know what to anticipate. Don’t be fooled by a firm that promises you the moon but then fails to deliver.

7. Does the PPC firm stay up to date on new features?

Another question you should ask your future employer is this. How effectively do they stay up with new features and changes in search engine algorithms? A search engine like Google adjusts its algorithm on a regular basis in order to give marketers with a better ad experience. If your selected PPC experts are unaware of these developments, they may create advertisements that are useless. Their techniques may no longer be effective in light of the current developments. A skilled PPC firm keeps track of any changes in the search engine algorithm and reacts to them in order to create successful advertising.

Aside from search engine algorithm changes, your selected agency should keep an eye out for newer features that will keep your marketing campaign on the cutting edge.

8. Does the company keep track of, measure, and report on its performance?

When you employ a PPC management business, they are responsible for not just selecting the proper keywords, creating advertisements, and implementing them, but also for tracking, measuring, and reporting. Tracking and measuring campaign performance allows you to see whether the campaign is on track or if there are any roadblocks in the way of success. If any difficulties arise along the road, the campaign may be changed to ensure that it goes well.

A competent agency will also produce and provide you with a report on how the campaign is progressing. Costs and conversions, clicks, leads, number of impressions, ad performance, and so on should all be included in the report. If the firm you’ve picked wants to operate behind closed doors with no reporting, they may not be the perfect fit for you. You’re spending your money, and you have a right to know how things are going.

9. Think about the price of a PPC management service.

A decent management service does not have to be prohibitively costly. As a result, you should opt for a provider with reasonable pricing that fit your budget. When paying, read everything and make sure you know what you’re paying for and what you’re not. Different firms utilize different pricing models.

One model is a monthly charge with a separate ad expenditure. This option allows you to pay for your advertising directly and have the firm handle them for you for a set monthly charge.

The fixed pricing model is the second option. You pay a set amount that covers both the advertisements and the company’s administration fee.

The third model involves paying a flat fee plus a percentage of your overall ad expenditure to the agency. Other agencies use a percentage-based fee structure.

Final Suggestions

Because of all the elements to consider, picking a PPC business isn’t straightforward. When you locate one that fulfills all of your criteria, you may want to move quickly to finish things so that construction can begin. However, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  1. Start with short-term contracts (or none at all)- Before committing to a long-term contract, try a short-term one first. That way, you’ll be able to assess the agency along the road and see whether it’s still the perfect fit for you in the future. If the firm fails to deliver on its promises, you have the option to move to another. You may sign a long-term contract with them if they have surpassed your expectations.
  2. Your AdWords account should be completely yours from the start. For two reasons, having complete ownership is beneficial. For starters, you can keep track of how the campaign is progressing. Second, you won’t have to start again if you have a falling out with your existing agency.

If you want to go into pay per click advertising and are unsure how to pick a PPC management business, I hope this article has given you some insight. Make a comprehensive examination of your possible agency and ensure that everything is in order. Keep in mind that PPC management is a job for experts. Because they have the skills, experience, money, and time to do things well, a pay per click firm is ideally equipped to manage ad campaigns.

“What is PPC” is a question that many people ask. You can choose from a wide range of PPC management companies, but it’s important to find one that will help you grow your business. Reference: what is ppc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a PPC agency?

A: There are a number of factors that go into choosing the right PPC agency. Take your time to look around and find one that suits you, whether it be performance or price!

What are the best PPC management companies?

A: This is a difficult question to answer as there are so many different companies out there. It really depends on what you want from your PPC management company and where they have experience in their industry.

What is a PPC management company?

A: A PPC management company is a type of ad agency that specializes in advertising on the Internet.

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