How To Sell Digital Products Via Email With ConvertKit

Jelani Abdus-Salaam
November 19, 2021

The email marketing industry is a competitive one, and in order to stand out from the clutter you need to be able to offer something that sets your company apart. In this guide we cover how you can maximize your success with digital products by using ConvertKit for e-commerce.

The “convertkit commerce” is a tool that helps you sell digital products via email. It’s easy to set up and comes with many features, such as A/B testing and automated follow-up sequences.

It’s fantastic to sell digital things on social media, but you don’t control the platforms. They have the right to shut down the server, modify the rules, or throw you off at any moment. If you want to develop a successful digital product company, you must sell via your website and email list. In this video, I’ll teach you how to use ConvertKit to sell digital things through email.

You may learn more about selling on your own website by reading pieces like this one: How To Sell Digital Products On Shopify.

If you primarily sell on social media or Etsy, you should start creating an email list. It’s one of the few things you completely own and manage. It’s the only method to ensure that you’ll be able to speak with your clients.

When you use ConvertKit to establish an email list, you can also use this powerful platform to sell digital items straight to your audience.

We’ll look at how to use ConvertKit to sell digital things through email in this lesson.

With ConvertKit, you can sell digital products.

I’ll show you how to add a digital product to your ConvertKit account so you can sell it to your email list in this article.

If you make a purchase, Pennies Not Perfection receives a commission at no extra cost to you.

Why Use ConvertKit To Grow Your Email List?

You should start establishing an email list to sell your stuff if you haven’t already. When social media is down, the only method to contact your consumers and audience is via email lists. While building a firm around digital items, it must be a component of your strategy.

However, why should you utilize ConvertKit to grow your email list? Why don’t you try one of the other email marketing services?

Personally, I choose ConvertKit since they are paving the road for creative and company owners to profit from their email lists. Most other platforms ultimately mimic the same features, although they are reactive rather than proactive. Personally, I like supporting businesses that assist creative in earning money online.


ConvertKit is an excellent solution for growing your email list for a variety of different reasons:

  • Drip campaigns/autoresponders With advanced list segmenting, you can automatically construct and send a series of prewritten emails to customers who perform certain actions.
  • Send out mass emails. Your email list subscribers may get regular newsletters or one-time communications.
  • Compliance with CAN-SPAM, GDPR, and CASL. There are regulations that govern how commercial emails may be sent, and you must follow them. ConvertKit ensures that you follow these guidelines.
  • Email content is stunning. Have you seen the emails that ConvertKit users send? They’re stunning. The style is always superior to that of other email providers, and you may personalize your email content to include various types of text or photos, as well as make it dynamic dependent on audience segments.
  • Email templates that are responsive. ConvertKit offers a variety of attractive email templates. They’ve been meticulously designed to look great on every device.
  • Email editor that is simple to use. The built-in email editor lets you preview your emails as you type, and the editing procedure is really straightforward.
  • Landing pages that are unique. With a ConvertKit plan, you can quickly and simply design landing pages to expand your list. All of the pages are attractively designed and responsive, so they adapt to different devices automatically.
  • Product sales are important. You may create a landing page to collect payments for digital items, either as a one-time sale or as a subscription. All of this is done via your ConvertKit account.

And there’s more! ConvertKit has so many features that thousands of words could be written on why it is such a fantastic platform to utilize.

For a long time, I avoided using ConvertKit since I believed it couldn’t possible be worth the money when I already had a free MailChimp account. When I switched, I saw how much my thrifty thinking had hampered my email marketing efforts for my company.

These are a some of the reasons why I selected ConvertKit and why I believe it’s an excellent choice for any artist or small company owner.

Why Should You Sell Digital Products? ConvertKit

ConvertKit is the finest email marketing platform for digital product sellers, based on my experience with numerous email marketing providers since beginning my company.

I used to use FloDesk and MailChimp, but I moved to ConvertKit since they concentrate on helping artists earn a livelihood online, which is also one of my life’s hobbies! For artists looking to profit, they also have the greatest designs, most functionalities, and overall platforms.

They also provide a wealth of free knowledge and resources to assist you in increasing your earnings.

Email marketing using ConvertKit sells more things than most social media attempts. Because you’re delivering your goods and offers to individuals who already know, like, and trust you, this is the case. People who have previously subscribed to your email list are considerably more likely to make a purchase from you. This is why email marketing is so crucial and should be at the top of your priority list.

ConvertKit makes it simple and inexpensive to get started, and it can expand with your company. You may start with a free plan and upgrade to a premium plan as your business grows and you want additional tools.

ConvertKit’s finest feature is the opportunity to sell digital things directly from your emails!


With ConvertKit, you can sell your digital products through email.

Yes, you may sell digital items and have them delivered directly via ConverKit.

This enables you to provide your clients a variety of ways to get your digital items. This lowers sales friction and allows you to generate new passive revenue streams from your digital items.

ConvertKit is a tool that allows you to sell digital products via email. This article will discuss how to set up an affiliate program with ConvertKit. Reference: convertkit affiliate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sell digital products on ConvertKit?

A: For this, we recommend using a tool like Shopify.

How do I sell my product through email?

A: You must send your product to the email address that you used when creating your website. Once there, they will create an order for it and ship out on their own.

Start Selling Your Digital Products Online With Ease! 

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