Meet The New Cartfuel - Cartfuel 2.0

Jelani Abdus-Salaam
November 7, 2020
Meet The New Cartfuel - Cartfuel 2.0
Table of Contents
  1. Welcome To Our New Home
  2. 6 New Features
  3. Selling Using PayPal
  4. Cartfuel Portal
  5. Product Variants 
  6. Product Images
  7. Secure Badge Feature
  8. Edit Subheadline Text 
  9. More New Features To Come

Cartfuel 2.0 Released 

Cartfuel version 2.0 is now available. We're introducing six new features and updating the platform's appearance and functionality. 

Welcome To Our New Home


Since the start of Cartfuel, we have always wanted to make the platform as simple as possible. We believe that selling online should be easy. Not hard. 

But as we evolved, we added tons of new features, and the app got cluttered. 

We didn't have a design system in place. Nor did we have the proper foundation to introduce new features while keeping our promise of simplicity. 

Today we are happy to announce the new and mature yet cleaner version of Cartfuel. 

Cartfuel 2.0. 

The new design puts you, the customer, first. The new design works with you, not against you. 


After all, you signed up to Cartfuel because you wanted a more straightforward way to sell online, not harder. 

Besides the updated user interface, we also updated the payment forms. 

The new payment forms are cleaner and conversion-optimized, helping you sell more products. 

We have introduced six new features with this new release, which we will discuss below.

6 New Features 


Cartfuel Portal

Product Variants 

Product Images

Secure Badge Feature

Edit Subheadline Text 

Selling Using PayPal


We released PayPal too early a few months back. It wasn't ready for the public, so we had to stop customers from using it.

This decision, of course, caused some backlash, and rightfully so. 

We learned our lesson. 

But, today, it's back, and we have tested it enough to feel ready to release it to the public. 

Like Stripe, you can sell one-time or subscription products on your payment forms. 

You can also sell one-click upsells. 

Please note: We only support the following features with PayPal API integration on an order page. 
One-Time Product, Subscription Product, or One-Time Product+ Order Bump.
A Subscription Product + Order Bump on a page will not work together due to how PayPal processes payments. We suggest adding an upsell in place of the order bump in these cases.

Please read our complete documentation on how you can start using PayPal with Cartfuel today:

Cartfuel Portal

After many customers asking us for a billing portal, we are happy to announce the release of Cartfuel Portal. 

With Cartfuel Portal, you or your customers can manage their billing information for one-time or subscriptions. 

The portal is a sister product to Cartfuel; therefore, all Cartfuel users will need to signup for a new account. 

To access Cartfuel Portal go to and register for a new account. 

Connect your Stripe account connected to Cartfuel to see the most recent 100 Cartfuel purchases. 

Please read the complete documentation here:

Please note: Cartfuel Portal only works for Stripe accounts. 

Product Variants 

If you're selling a product with different variants, you can now do so in Cartfuel. 

You can set up variant options when creating a new payment form. 

You can read more about this feature here:

Product Images

You can now add individual images to your products in Cartfuel. 

To use this feature, set up a new payment form. Then add a product. 

In the product description popup, you can add upload any image. 

You can read more about this feature here:

Secure Badge Feature

To increase conversions, we added a security badge feature. You can ensure your customers that their transaction details are safe by enabling this feature. 

In turn, increasing conversions. 

Edit Subheadline Text 

All users can now edit the subheadline of their products. 

Previously the text said "Billed Once," It was not editable. You can change the "Billed Once" text to say anything you'd like with this update. 

For example, if you're selling an item that receives free shipping, you can update the text from "Billed Once" to "Free Shipping." 

You can read more about this feature here:

More New Features To Come

We are constantly improving. This means there are new features always on the horizon. 

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop. 

For now, log in to your Cartfuel account to see our new look and test these new features. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our support at 

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