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How Businesses use Cartfuel with HubSpot

Online businesses are using Cartfuel with HubSpot to sell one-time and recurring products on their landing pages and websites using Stripe or Paypal.
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How Cartfuel Compares To HubSpot Payments

HubSpot Payments

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You can't use your current Stripe account
You can't import past Stripe products into HubSpot payments.
You can't use PayPal or other payment processors.
You have to live in the United States to use HubSpot payments
It doesn't allow for donation creation.
It doesn't have a customer portal
You can't offer discount/coupon codes
You can't customize the payment forms to match your brand
You can't offer order bumps.
You can't provide one-click upsells
You can't offer add-ons.
You can't offer product variants.


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You can use your current Stripe account
You can import past Stripe products into HubSpot payments.
You can use PayPal or other payment processors.
You can live outside of the United States
It allows for donation creation.
It does have a customer portal
You can offer discount/coupon codes
You can customize the payment forms to match your brand
You can offer order bumps.
You can provide one-click upsells
You can offer add-ons.
You can offer product variants.

The Only Tool You Need To Accept Payments In HubSpot...

WITHOUT paying absurd transaction fees or using unreliable software

Dear HubSpot User, 

If I could show you how to integrate a seamless way to take payments right inside of your existing HubSpot workflows and landing pages within 5 minutes...


Custom developing a solution...

Using expensive software that takes a cut out of your monthly sales revenue...

Using third party tools like Zapier and a makeshift solution...

How much more revenue could you generate each month by allowing a simple way to take payments right inside HubSpot?

The fact that HubSpot doesn't have a simple and easy way to add a payment button is infuriating. What is this, the stone age?

With how expensive it is to have a HubSpot Pro subscription, you would think that this would be a no-brainer.

Accepting payments should be the easiest part of your business.

So that's why I built Cartfuel. So you have one less fire to put out. You won't have to deal with the custom tech or the unnecessary expenses.

You just need to focus on helping more people by selling the products your customers need.

Within a few clicks you can have Cartfuel's plug-and-play system ready to take payments from Customers while automatically integrating with your HubSpot account.

And when those payments are successful, the contact record is updated with the product they purchased.

Meaning you can visually see where your customers are in the customer journey.

Not only that, but you can trigger workflows and automations giving you greater flexibility.

Regardless if you are selling a course, an event, consulting services, or run an agency, you can quickly create a payment form, integrate with HubSpot without any code, and see all your sales data in one location.

Here's how it works:

Connect Cartfuel To HubSpot
When you sign up for a Cartfuel account you will connect your HubSpot account.

Connect Stripe or Paypal
Then once you have connected your HubSpot account you will connect your Stripe or PayPal account.

Whatever gateway you choose, you can accept one-time and subscription payments.

Create Your Payment Form
After you connect the accounts you will then create a payment form.

You can modify the form to your liking, including changing the styling, colors, and adding conversion focus widgets like order bumps. countdown timers, and more.

Embed Onto HubSpot

Once you have created your payment form you'll be able to embed the form onto your HubSpot landing pages using a copy and paste script/code. 

When you make sales with your payment form, the sales data will show up in your HubSpot account.

That's it! 
You can try it for 14-days for free. Get started by clicking the button below.

Course Creators

Boost customer retention and decrease refunds

The money is in the follow up. With Cartfuel you can set up triggers to set post-purchase workflows.

Meaning you can create different automations to continue to build the customer rapport, sell further products and reduce refund rates.
Accept one-time or recurring e-commerce payments with Stripe or Paypal
View all customer purchase data in the timeline without complex code or tech
Trigger post-payment workflows to follow up with your customers
Increase your average order value by upselling, cross-selling and down-selling


"Cartfuel offers many options for very little price compared to its competition. If you have in mind to sell some product or services but you don't want to invest in very expensive solutions, Cartfuel is a good solution."
Digital Products

Gain customer insights to increase order value

See your customer's purchase journey so you can get more detailed insights right inside your HubSpot account.

As soon as your customers make a successful purchase on the Cartfuel payment form, the contact record is updated with the product they purchased.

This means you can empower your sales team to sell more products and services. Gone are the days where inaccurate contact purchase data plagues you.
Embed the Cartfuel payment form on your HubSpot landing pages or website
See Your Customers Purchase Journey
Add customers to deals
track data within hubSpot

Do you still have questions?

Which countries are supported by Cartfuel?

Currently, we only integrate with Stripe. Meaning any country that is not supported by Stripe will not be supported by Cartfuel.

What softwares work with Cartfuel?

Cartfuel works with any website builder that allows embeds. That includes webflow, wordpress, HubSpot, and others.

Does Cartfuel work with PayPal?

Yes. Cartfuel works with PayPal. 

I don't have a website. Can I still use Cartfuel?

If you don't have a website you can use the Cartfuel payment links or Cartfuel templates to sell your digital products.

How does the free trial work?

Cartfuel offers a 14-day free trial. To use the free trial you do have to enter a credit or debit card. We won't charge your card until after the free 14-day trial is up.

Does Cartfuel work with any CRMs?

Cartfuel only works with the HubSpot CRM. But we hope to include more CRMs in the near future.

Can I book a demo call?

Yes, you can book a call by clicking this link: