Embeddable Shopping Cart

You can use Cartfuel on any website or landing page builder

One-Time & Subscription Products

Sell one-time and subscription products to maximize your revenue

Payment Links

Need a way to accept payments online? You can use our payment links instead of having an actual website


Change the currency to reach more customers and make the purchase process smoother for everyone involved!

Multiple Products

You can sell a variety of products, from one-time purchases to subscriptions

Revenue Boosting Add-On

Create a sense of urgency by offering one-click upsells and order bumps to your customers


In-App Email

After a successful purchase, you can deliver emails straight from Cartfuel

Digital Products

Sell eBooks, PDF's, courses or memberships with ease

Physical Products

Integrate physical products with your digital goods to offer your customers a complete experience


Offer exclusive access to specific membership pages on your site as soon as they purchase


It doesn't matter if you're creating a monthly paid community or want to charge for your course, with subscriptions you can make it happen.

eBooks & PDF's

Upload your eBook or PDF to Cartfuel and send them to your customers who purchase successfully


Order Bumps

Convert more customers with a simple and effective way to boost conversions on every purchase.  It's as easy as 1-2-3!

One-Click Upsells

As customers complete the checkout process, offer them a similar product to double your revenue with one-click upsells


By offering your customers deals you can engage consumers and entice customers to build loyalty with your brand

Countdown Timers

Sell more by using urgency in the form of a countdown timer. Let your customers know your offers won't last forever

Email Marketing Integrations

Communicate with buyers by sending customers to your email marketing lists via Cartfuel

Zapier Integration

Connect Cartfuel  with more than 2,000 different apps like Quickbooks, Teachable, Facebook Lead Ads and more


Brand Matching

You can choose from our wide variety of fonts and colors to add a personal touch

Two Checkout Templates

Choose between two different checkout templates and payment form styles

Custom Input Fields

Add custom input fields to collect specific data from your customers

Custom Colors

Customize your payment forms by applying specific colors to your buttons and header texts


Multi-User Accounts

Add your team to your Cartfuel account with different levels of access

Product Reports

See which products have increased your average order value

Customer Analytics

When customers make a purchase you can see in your sales dashboard which products are getting the most revenue


By using Cartfuel's API you can send customer data to other applications allowing you to create unique integrations


With webhooks you can do more advanced functionality like connecting third-party apps to Cartfuel

Tax Rules

Set up tax rules to automatically apply taxes based on different locations

Frequently Asked Questions

What software's are you compatible with?

We work with any software that accepts embed codes.

Which countries are supported by Cartfuel?

Currently, we only integrate with Stripe. Meaning any country that is not supported by Stripe will not be supported by Cartfuel.

How do one-click upsells work?

Whenever someone purchases a product you can offer additional products after their first purchase.

With a click of a button the purchaser will be able to add additional products WITHOUT re-entering their credit-debit card information.

Is Cartfuel PCI Compliant?

Credit card information (number, cvc, exp date) are never sent to our servers, we use stripe tokens to charge the cards and they are not stored in our database.

Since we don’t send or store information about the credit cards on our servers, Cartfuel is PCI compliant, because Stripe or PayPal cover most of the requirements.

Do you offer support?

Yes, we have a support desk to answer any question you may have regarding Cartfuel. However, we don't offer support regarding custom code or custom projects.

Do you offer yearly discounts?

Yes, we have a yearly plan. Check out our pricing page to learn more.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, you can try Cartfuel for free for 14-days.