Security Policy

Security is a top top concern.

Inside CartFuel we keep data about contacts (name, email, contact id from Stripe) and transactions (date, amount, product name, transaction id from Stripe).

This information is kept to help you segment the purchases.
Credit card information (number, cvc, exp date) are never sent to our servers, we use stripe tokens to charge the cards and they are not stored in our database.

Since we don’t send or store information about the credit cards on our servers, Cartfuel is PCI compliant, because Stripe or PayPal cover most of the requirements.

On our side we use SSL encryption everywhere (Browser -> Stripe -> Cartfuel-> Stripe). The database only allows connections from the application itself and blocks everything else.

Cartfuel is backed by Digital Ocean which is proven and secure infrastructure provide.

For our backend we use PHP Laravel and MySQL for our database.

We will update this regularly with more information regarding our front and backend management.

If you would like more information on our other policies, we have Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy, additionally please contact us at