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Jelani Abdus-Salaam


Meet Jelani, the creative and tenacious entrepreneur behind some of the most successful marketing funnels in the business opportunity sector. With a knack for identifying solutions where others see barriers, he single-handedly bootstrapped Cartfuel, a SaaS platform, without any formal coding training. This journey ignited a passion in Jelani for software and its endless possibilities. Now, he's on an unstoppable mission to design, develop, and market cutting-edge solutions that challenge the status quo. Drawing from a rich well of experience, Jelani continues to demonstrate that passion, innovation, and resilience can turn any vision into reality.

Jordan Robinson


Introducing Jordan, the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Cartfuel. With a knack for writing clean, efficient code and designing scalable software, he is the technical mastermind behind our powerful and user-friendly platform. Jordan's journey with Cartfuel isn't his first entrepreneurial venture. He is also the Co-Founder of CapitalMJ, where his technical prowess and business acumen synergize to drive successful outcomes. Jordan is a fervent Laravel enthusiast, a testament to his unwavering commitment to leveraging the best technology to solve complex problems. Whether he's fine-tuning the Cartfuel platform or brainstorming the next big digital solution, Jordan's passion for technology and innovation permeates everything he does.

Maurice Boschke


Meet Maurice, the dynamic Chief Product Officer of Cartfuel and a seasoned entrepreneur with an unwavering passion for finance. As the proud founder of CapitalMJ and Co-Founder of Gestion, Maurice brings a wealth of financial knowledge and business acumen to his role at Cartfuel. He is the driving force behind our product's innovative features and user-friendly design, always ensuring we stay at the forefront of the digital sales industry. Outside the office, Maurice continues to share his finance expertise, mentoring start-ups and contributing to financial literacy initiatives. His multifaceted expertise, passion for finance, and commitment to innovation make him an invaluable asset to the Cartfuel team and our user community.

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Renee McAdam
Project Manager

"We wanted an easy to way to accept payments for one of our digital products and have the payment details go into HubSpot. Cartfuel was easy to setup and did exactly what we needed."

Chris Donnelly
Course Creator

"I’ve been searching for a cart that delivered upsells and OTO capabilities and Cartfuel hits the spot! Setup was simple."

Mike Sallese

"Cartfuel has saved me so much time and hassle with getting stripe setup. The embed in my website works perfectly for accepting payments."

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