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*Cartfuel is compatible with all page builders that accept embeds
How McDonald's Selling System Took An Extra $1.79 Right Out Of My Pocket
"Do You Want Fries With That?"
I wasn't that hungry. I only came for a chicken sandwich.

But now I was second-guessing myself.

Do I want fries? The question seemed simple. 

The answer was simpler. 


How do I turn down something as delicious as fries?

I do want fries with that. 

I didn't know it, but I was just upsold

That little statement not only got me to spend $1.29, but it also got me to spend an extra $1.79.

My order total should have been $1.29.

But with the addition of the fries, my order was now $3.08.

That was a 41% order total increase!

According to, McDonald's added $28 million in additional revenue by asking if people wanted fries with their order.

McDonald's only needs a small percentage of people to say yes in order for them to make substantial increases to their bottom line.

And every time a server forgets or gets lazy and refrains from asking that question...

McDonald’s loses out, BIG time.

This same tactic is used by businesses like Amazon, Starbucks, Apple, every major airline and even BMW, to double, triple or even 10x their bottom line.

I know what you're thinking right now.

"What does any of this have to do with my business?"

The point is, they make a crapload of money by asking if their customers want to buy more products.

Every online business and online seller should be like McDonald's.


They don't have to spend more on marketing.

They don't have to spend more money on advertising. 

They already have the customer at their business making a purchase and they only have to ask one simple question. 

Every online business should be selling using the same upselling techniques like these massively profitable companies.

But most businesses are not...and I'm assuming you're not either.

So let me ask these two questions:

What other products can you offer your customers that will enhance their experience?

Whether it's one or a few or even if you don't have any, there is an opportunity to develop a product.

What amount of money are you leaving on the table by not offering those products after the purchasing sequence?

If you have only one product or service, just by adding more products you have the potential to drastically increase your revenue.

So let's assume you add a product with half the price with the same profit margin what would that do for your business?

What if you added more than one, what would that do for your business?

Do you see the value of a single upsell and what it can do for your business?

That's why I built Cartfuel. 

So you can maximize your revenue potential.

We want to help you make more money with less work. 

Cartfuel is a simple payment solution platform that allows you to sell one-time, monthly, or yearly products...

And then upsell your customers more products AFTER the initial purchase with a single click of a button. 

The best part is the customer does not even have to re-enter their credit/debit card information. 

Here is how it works:

1. Create a Cartfuel account.

(Sign up by clicking the blue buttons on this page.)

2. Connect your account to Stripe.

3. Create your first core product followed by the product you want to upsell.

Save it. 

4. Then place the Cartfuel embed scripts on your favorite web/landing page builder. 

Voila! Now watch as more money comes in.  

As long as your platform of choice accepts embed scripts, you can use Cartfuel to accept payments...

AND offer one-click upsells to make more money without doing anything extra. 

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How It Works

Step 1

Connect Your Payment Gateway

Cartfuel is not a payment gateway. You will have to connect your own payment gateway.

We currently support Stripe with more gateways coming soon.

Step 2

Create Your Product Sequence

Add your first product by setting the price, adding steps and customizing which fields you want your customer to fill in.

We support subscriptions and onetime payments.

Step 3

Define Your One-Click Upsells

Create your one-click upsell by defining the price, name, and billing frequency.

Step 4

Embed To Your Site

Once you have defined the product sequence, copy and paste the embed code we provide to your site.
Perfect For
Or any page builder that accepts embeds

Integrate With Your Software of Choice

Works with any site or page builder like Webflow, Bubble or Carrd.

Easy Set Up

Copy and paste our embed code to your site to accept payments and one-click upsells.

Download Leads

Download your leads with a click of button in CSV format.

Connect External Applications

Connect your Cartfuel account to zapier to unlock superpowers!

Connect Multiple Payment Gateways

Connect with multiple payment gateways including Stripe and PayPal coming soon.

Sale Data & Analytics

See your sale data and analytics all in one place.

Easily Customizable

Customize your form to your liking.
Coming Soon

Individual Payment Forms

Accept payments without a website with our Cartfuel forms

Charge Taxes

Determine your taxes and add them to the order total

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Common Questions
If you have any further questions, get in touch with our friendly and prompt team.
What softwares are you compatible with?
We work with any software that accepts embed codes. 
Does Cartfuel Work With Wordpress?
Yes, you can check out our live demo here.
How much does it cost?
Pricing is still being determined. We want to be fair but we also need to make money. Which is why during our beta testing we will be speaking with our users to speak to them on how much they think it should cost.
Which countries are supported by Cartfuel?
Currently, we only integrate with Stripe. Meaning any country that is not supported by Stripe will not be supported by Cartfuel. See the full list here.
How do one-click upsells work?
Whenever someone purchases a product you can offer additional products after their first purchase. With a click of a button the purchaser will be able to add additional products WITHOUT re-entering their credit-debit card information.
Is Cartfuel PCI Compliant?
Credit card information (number, cvc, exp date) are never sent to our servers, we use stripe tokens to charge the cards and they are not stored in our database.

Since we don’t send or store information about the credit cards on our servers, Cartfuel is PCI compliant, because Stripe or PayPal cover most of the requirements.