A Sales Funnel, regardless of business, can increase leads and sales.

By following the steps below, businesses of all sizes can make more money with less effort and time.

We will show you how to create a systematic and automated sales funnel that runs 24/7. 

Find Prospects With An Issue

Before setting up the funnel, you will want to find prospects with an issue. 

As a service business, your main goal should be to solve any problems that your prospects have. 

For example, let's say that you own a nationally known pool cleaning franchise business. 

Your prospects may be searching google for ways to clean their pool. 

It's clear that your prospects have an issue, and as a pool cleaning business, you need to provide help. 

But how do you find people that need help with cleaning their pools? 

You can try:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Quora 
  • Organic SEO 
  • Yelp Ads

As the business owner, you want to go where ever your prospects go. 

But once you find the prospects with the problem, how do you solve the problem for them? 

Creating A Landing Page For Free Gift 

The easiest way to solve a problem for someone is to give something away.

This works well for two reasons:

  1. People love free things 
  2. By giving immense value for free, you can gain trust

You need to create a landing page that includes an opt-in box to collect emails and names. 

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The page can be simple and include a headline and subheadline followed by the input box for email and name. 

This is an example:

The works well because it's easy for the prospect to opt-in and get the answers they need. 

In this example, the prospect will receive a PDF to solve their problem. 

PDFs are great because they are simple to create, they are easy to digest, and help you gain authority. 

Once the prospect opt-ins, you want to deliver the PDF to their inbox. 

You can do this via email automation tools like ActiveCampaign. 

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After the prospect opt-ins, you want to proceed to the next step, a mini webinar or VSL. 

Offer Mini Webinar/Training 

Showing a mini webinar or VSL immediately after they opt-in is critical. 

Why? Because it gives the prospect a chance to interact with your business on a different level. 

The mini webinar should be around 20 minutes long. This time length is ideal for keeping the prospect interested enough to inquire more info. In the mini webinar, you want to talk about your business and how it can help the problem at hand. You can also build more trust and authority by showcasing past customer reviews. 

At the end of the min-webinar, you want to tell prospects to book a call to learn more information. 

But before they book a call, you will want to qualify the prospect by asking them questions.

Qualify The Prospect 

As we mentioned before, everyone loves free things.

So that means you are going to get a lot of people opting into your landing page.

You will also get a lot of people who will watch your mini webinar. 

But not every prospect should get on the phone with you. 

This is why you want to ask them qualifying questions to get a gist of who they are and if they can afford your business.

You can use Typeform to create excellent custom questionnaires.

When asking questions, you can use these:

  1. Describe your goals 
  2. How much of a priority is it to get started
  3. What has prevented you from trying to solve the problem until now?
  4. What happens if you do nothing about the situation?
  5. Do you have a budget allocated for this project? 
  6. What other solutions are you evaluating?

These are some examples.

You can get more specific for your business as you build the questionnaire. 

Every business is different, so every business should have specific unique questions. 

Be sure to ask for the prospect's phone number at the end of the questionnaire so you can have a point of contact. 

Depending on the prospect's answers, you can redirect them to different endpoints. 

For example, if the prospect said they don't have any funds to move forward with your services, you can redirect them to a different page. 

This is a crucial step to reduce the number of inferior leads that book a call with you. 

For those leads that don't qualify, you can put them in a nurturing sequence. 

You want to continue to give them value, be helpful in any way you can.

So that when they do have the funds, they will come straight to you. 

Set Up A Book-a-call

Once your prospects fill out the questionnaire, you will want to redirect them to your booking page. 

You can do this in Typeform in the settings. 

The point of booking the call is so the prospect can ask further questions, but the business owner can close the prospect. 

Typeform has tons of integrations so that you can connect with your CRM of choice. 

If you have a sales team, these integrations will come in handy to keep your business aligned. 

Close The Deal 

Once you're on the phone, this gives you the perfect, perfect chance to close the deal. 

Answer any questions the prospect may have but be sure to ask questions as well. 

The conversation should be cordial. Of course, you want the sale, but you should convey that you don't NEED the sale.

This mindset will help you navigate the conversation to the end goal. 

If you're not great with sales, we recommend that you hire a sales team if your services are over $1,000.