"We didn’t have a way to connect revenue to marketing efforts. Cartfuel fixed that."

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Managing a high-ticket coaching program has a lot of moving parts.

Most programs have two components: a front-end and a back-end. 

The front-end is the marketing of the program - the copy, the design, and the structure of the offer. 

The back-end is the fulfillment of the program—how the program is sold, delivery of the program, and customer success. 

An expert in marketing is usually assigned to ensure that the front and back end are implemented smoothly. 

That person for Elevated Worldwide, a business coaching and consulting firm that helps create abundance and a positive mindset through systems, daily processes, and programs, is Derek Kopp. 

Derek's main job is to ensure all integrations are set up to enable the successful purchase and fulfillment of coaching programs. 

Elevated Worldwide lacked sales data clarity, and its fulfillment process had a few leaky holes. It was up to Derek to find a solution. 

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The Problem

Elevated Worldwide uses Stripe as their payment processor and HubSpot as their CRM. 

Their process was:

Create a payment link in Stripe -> Send payment link to customer -> The customer would make the payment -> The customer would get redirected to thank you page -> The Elevated Worldwide team would assume the transaction was successful based on the number of people who landed on the thank you page.

This setup can work but leaves room for too many assumptions, leading to increased risk of operational mishaps. 

Also, because they were using HubSpot as their CRM, Elevated Worldwide wanted to have customer sales data from Stripe present in HubSpot. 

That way, their sales and marketing team can fulfill the products with the utmost clarity.

The missing puzzle piece was having a way to connect revenue to their marketing efforts.

The Solution

Derek knew he needed to solve this problem to make his team's lives easier.

He searched Google and found Cartfuel. 

He used the free trial and started testing the platform to confirm it was the right fit. 

The simplicity of creating payment forms that embed on Elevated Worldwide's website intrigued Derek. 

But what sealed the deal was the Cartfuel HubSpot integration. 

Derek's testing concluded that he could trigger fulfillment workflows based on specific products purchased. 

Also, when sales are made, the customer sales data flows into HubSpot, including:

The customer name

The customer email

What the customer purchased

The customer's total amount 

and more 

Based on those data points, Derek was able to get the clarity he needed. 

Watch this video to see how Derek used Cartfuel with HubSpot:

The Results 

When people register or buy an Elevated Worldwide program through Cartfuel, the transaction goes into HubSpot. 

The Keep Elevated team can use the Cartfuel data to update the customers' products purchased within HubSpot. 

Then once they have that data, they can move the customer into fulfillment workflows. 

Derek spent almost a year telling his team they couldn't do specific things because they didn't have visibility or lacked the tools needed. 

But now, he has the visibility needed to align the marketing and sales team using accurate revenue and customer sales data.


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